2014 Retail & Health Innovation Challenge – Wake Forest University

Operation Veggie Rescue - 2014 Retail & Health Innovation Challenge - Wake Forest University

2014 Retail & Health Innovation Challenge – Wake Forest University

Operation Veggie Rescue

We believe in no veggie left behind, so we rescue nutritious produce stuck in the agriculture pipeline for price- & eco-conscious consumers

Anne Steptoe

Anne Steptoe is a fourth year medical student at Brown University Medical School and a first year student at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business. Before medical school, she worked in the public health and health policy space, trying to translate academic research into evidence-based interventions. One of her favorite projects was turning a public health database into an iPhone app that helps users find the closest hospital. In medical school, she dedicated herself to primary care for underserved populations. At Fuqua, she is concentrating in social entrepreneurship. When she grows up, she hopes to be a pediatrician and force for social change in her community. Anne grew up in rural West Virginia and attended undergrad at Harvard University. She is (among other things): a country music super-fan, political wonk, whitewater kayaker, used book collector, BBQ afficianado and lover of ancient languages.

Anna Doherty

Anna Doherty is a first year student at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business. Anna has spent her career thus far working in the non-profit industry, most recently as a member of the consumer marketing team at DonorsChoose.org, an online charity connecting individuals to public schools in need. Working at DonorsChoose.org opened Anna’s eyes to the ability of smart people and technology to redefine how we think about social change. Anna grew up in Charlotte, and attended undergrad at the University of North Carolina. In her free time, you can find Anna talking about why Durham is the greatest city ever, trying out new restaurants, and riding her bike.

Dylan Peterson

Dylan Peterson is a senior at Duke University majoring in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. After spending a sophomore summer with a homestay family in Morocco, he developed a deeper appreciation for the resources and infrastructure of American entrepreneurship. Last summer, Dylan interned as a Product Manager at LiveIntent, the first advertising technology start up to monetize publisher’s email content by serving advertisements programmatically and in real-time. Dylan was born in Florida, but has spent most of his childhood living at the Jersey Shore. Some of Dylan’s hobbies include learning new sports, watching Homeland, and dominating in board games.

Team Fun Facts

1) We excel in rare languages: Anne spent 10 years studying ancient Latin and Greek. She’s a little rusty on them now, but Dylan is still conversationally fluent in Arabic.

2) We have a history of doing well in contests. In 8th grade, Dylan phoned in an answer to a TV game show called LiveNation on the Game Show Network and won $800. The question was: solve this anagram that is the name of a planet and the first name of a famous tennis player “UVENS”. That was the easiest $800 he ever earned.

3) Our team mascot is cat named Zeus. Anna chose him from amongst his siblings because he has a grey spot on his chin that makes him look like he’s a messy eater. And Anne insisted he be our mascot because she likes to employ her Classics degree whenever she can.

4) We don’t like spicy food or scary movies for the same reason: why would you want to put yourself through the pain?

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