2014 Retail & Health Innovation Challenge – Wake Forest University

ClearDreams - 2014 Retail & Health Innovation Challenge - Wake Forest University

2014 Retail & Health Innovation Challenge – Wake Forest University


ClearDreams is a practical approach to acne treatment. Our product will disrupt the industry and provide an effective, efficient solution.

Philip Sayre

As a freshman at Virginia Tech, Phil is constantly looking for new opportunities to further his experience and learning. He is currently majoring in Business Information Technology in the Pamplin College of Business. Hailing from a rural area, Phil has a deep appreciation for the beauty found in nature and loves numerous outdoor activities ranging from paintballing to spelunking. He proudly earned the rank of Eagle Scout in Troop 4 as of 2013.

Prior to arriving at college Phil did not find myself particularly headed toward entrepreneurship. After just a few short months all of that has changed. He is driven to ponder both his problems and the problems of others. Finding a solution is like a game; you are not very good at first, but time and persistence brings about unthinkable results. He is blessed to have been selected to house in the Innovate Living-Learning Community; a new entrepreneurial program launched by Virginia Tech to instill in underclassmen a passion for innovation. Phil’s peers within the community constantly challenge him to think in the periphery of common knowledge, as he also challenges them. In such a healthy, competitive environment he strives to learn something new every day in order to enrich the time he is given.

Health is paramount to every individual’s happiness. Phil believes he can motivate himself and others to bring about helpful solutions, not harmful ones. He hopes to positively impact others through his work and play.

Matthew Hubbard

Matt is a freshmen from Virginia Tech pursuing a degree in Business Management with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Currently, he is involved in the Innovate Living Learning Community, which facilitates the connection between students who have a passion for a career in entrepreneurship. Innovate has been a blessing and proved it’s worth already through various networking events, workshops and interpersonal connections. However, by far the greatest advantage Matt has gained through this program is the realization that making a difference in the lives of others is what he wants to pursue and accomplish. Through his collaboration with Phil, he hopes to make that become reality.

Like Phil, Matt has a passion for exploring the wilderness and seeing God’s beauty through nature. Skiing, cliff diving and hiking are among many of the outdoor activities he participates in to allow a release from the weekly norms and stresses. With a wide range of hobbies, he is continually confronted with problems which gives him wonderful opportunities to capitalize on.

Matt may be a Freshman, but he has already been exposed to business expertise that many students don’t see until their senior year. He likes to think that his team’s determination and motivation for ridding the world of acne is the sole reason for ClearDream’s entrance into this competition. Matt doesn’t simply want to show up, but rather demonstrate his vision to like-minded, driven individuals who also strive to see change.

Team Fun Facts

Phil has never been to Canada.

Stonewall Jackson is one of Phil’s not-so-distant relatives.

Bananas do not grow on trees, but rather large herbaceous flowering plants.

Davy Crockett has been historically proven as a great ancestor of Matt.

Matt’s father survived a plane crash.

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